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Sandstone Paver is harvested from a sedimentary rock, known as arenite, that is mostly composed of quartz and feldspar. It is offered in attractive earthly tones that age well through weather and the passage of time. Sandstone Paver is versatile and easy to install. It is an economical and hard wearing alternative to other paving materials made from clay and concrete.


Size (ave) : L230 x W115 x H38 ~ 40mm
Colours : Available in natural earth-tone colours of Brown, Grey & Red (with inherent fossils)
Texture (top) : Anti-slip Bush-hammered finishing with anti-chip chamfered edges
Uses : Walkway, Driveway, Garden & Landscaping

Comparison of Sandstone Paver and Clay Paver



Setsco Test Report Clay Paver

Size: L200 x W100 x H50mm

Ref: CT-20385/TCK dated 06/06/2012

Sandstone Paver

Size: L230 x W115 x H38~40mm

Ref: CT24274/RT dated 02/07/2013

Compressive Strength 108.4 N/mm2 The Maximum Compressive Strength Results Exceeded 111.5 N/mm2 Without Failure
Slip Resistance
Very Low Contribution To Slipperiness Very Low Contribution To Slipperiness
Water Absorption 8.1% 2.4%
Transverse Breaking Load
Classification, BS6677: Part 1: 1986
PA Grade: Min 3 KN
PB Grade: Min 7 KN
Average 7.18 KN
Good for PA & PB
Average 9.82 KN
Very Good for PA & PB



Method of Production Clay Paver is kiln-fired Cut to size from natural stone
Dimensional Consistency The final product size will exhibit inconsistency.  A variation of approx. +/- 3mm is a norm for this product. The final product size is relatively consistent in length & width, unlike kiln-fired product that is prone to shrinkage.
Colour Variation There is at least 6 or more colour tones in any batch of Clay Paver. The colours are fairly consistent and natural, apart from the presence of natural occurring fossils.



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