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Lightherm 250 prepacked drymix

is a lightweight insulation screed that is suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications where lightweight properties, thermal and acoustic insulations are desired.


It is a convenient and ready-to-use lightweight insulation screed that is made of ultra lightweight aggregates (3 ~ 6mm) and cement. Lightherm is mixed with water for direct application.


The standard Lightherm Prepacked Drymix is made to a density of 250 kg/m³. The Lightherm Prepacked Drymix has a low thermal conductivity of 0.067 W/mK. It has a COC (Certificate of Conformity) issued by TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore for non-toxicity based on fumes analysis. (BS 6853: 1999 Annex B, B.1)


Density: 250 kg/m³
Packing: 20 bags x 20 kg/pallet
Coverage: 14 bags/m³
Drymix/Water Ratio: 11 to 13 litre/bag
Pot Life: 04 hours to touch dry
Curing Time: 24 hours before trafficable
Comp. Strength at Failure: 0.90 N/mm² on average

Lightherm & Lightherm Mini are lightweight aggregates that are specially treated with the patented VODAPRUF additive.

They are mixed with cement to yield light weight screed with a low density of 250 kg/m3 for Lightherm Screed and a higher density of 1,200 kg/m3 for Lightherm Mini Screed.

The granular size of Lightherm is 03 ~ 06mm while the granular size of the smaller Lightherm Mini is 02mm.


Lightherm and Lighterm Mini Screed are suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications where lightweight properties, thermal and acoustic insulations are desired.



Suitable Applications

  • Lightweight Topping
  • Application on Decking (e.g., Bondek)
  • System Leveling (backfill for foundation)
  • Roof Insulation (including One Cast at 1,200 kg/m3)
  • Acoustic Insulation (reduction of airborne sound transmission & sound transmitted from impact)
  • Anti-Condensation Layer
  • Production of Precast Element (e.g. lightweight architectural panel)
  • Manufacture of Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU)
  • Infill for and leveling of Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)
  • Drywall Infill (eliminates hollowness and strengthens drywall system)
  • Geotechnic Application (sheet piles wall, alignment ramp, structural backfill, roads & highways, road embankment & supporting walls).


Lightherm Screed prepared with Lightherm
Density Kg/m³ 250.00
Mass after 28 days Kg/m³ -265.00
Thermal conductivity – λ W/mk 0.067
Compressive resistance N/mm² (UNI EN 1015-11:2007) 0.83
Flexural strength N/mm² (UNI EN 1015-11:2007) 0.46
Cohesion kPa 82.62
Hot-sealed membrane rupture N/50mm 57.00
Cold-sealed membrane rupture N/50mm 35.00
Elasticity module N/mm² 253.80
Permeability to water vapour – µ 11.50
Shrinkage (NBN) – mm/m 0.427
Specific heat – kj/kgK 1.40
Impact sound reduction at 500 Hz – ΔL 14 dB thickness 5cm
Impact sound pressure level 61 dB
Fire reactivity class A2 (UNI EN 12501-1)
Smoke production class S1 (UNI EN 12501-1)
Observations of drops or inflamed particles D0 (UNI EN 12501-1)

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