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Brick Tile allows you to quickly remodel the existing space/environment without the burden of taking down an existing wall. Brick Tile is lighter than Facing Brick and will not take up much valuable living space.

Brick Tile breaks the monotony of any plastered wall. It requires little or no maintenance and eliminates the need for repainting every now and then. The looks of a brick wall will last the test of time and is an excellent form of investment that will add value to any property.

Clay Brick Tile is the truest form of Brick Tile that has undergone the process of kiln-firing acquiring beneficial properties such as resistance to mild chemicals of many types. Cultured Brick Tile (also known as Faux Brick Tile) is manufactured from lightweight concrete and is often molded to replicate used brick that has gone through the process of weathering. Brick Tile made from natural stone is beautiful, hardy and available as an additional alternative to the aforesaid options.

CLAY BRICK TILE (Natural Clay)

Size (ave) : L235~245 x H70 x W12~20mm

Coverage : 50~51 pieces/m² (10mm joint)

Size (ave) : L195 x H60 x W15 @

Coverage : 70 pieces/m² (10mm joint)

AKS-02 Smooth Red
AKS-17 Smooth Beige
AKS-54 Smooth Grey
AKS-02K Smooth Clinker @
AKH-16 Handmade

CULTURED BRICK TILE (Lightweight Concrete)

Size (ave): L195 x H65 x W10~12mm

Coverage: 64 pcs/m² (10mm joint)

Size (ave): L230 x H60 x W10~12mm*

Coverage: 58 pcs/m² (10mm joint)

Size (ave): L225 x H60 x W10~12mm#

Coverage: 62 pcs/m² (10mm joint)

83004 Aspen White
83005 Ital Grey #

STONE BRICK TILE (Natural Stone)

Size (ave): L220 x H70 x W10~20mm

Coverage: 55 pcs/m² (10mm joint)

Size (ave): L300 x H50 x W13mm^

Coverage: 67 pcs/m² (no joint)

AFN-202 Rustic Yellow
AFN-135 Granite Black Sino ^
AFN-139 Granite Red Martia ^


Size (ave): L200 x H60 x W15~20mm

SAU726 Rockface White
SAU722 Rockface Grey
SAU723 Rockface Red
SAU783 Classic Red
SAU782 Classic Grey
SAU 784 Classic Cream