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HANDY-SEAL is specifically formulated to penetrate and seal masonry and stone surfaces thereby repelling water and reduces staining resulting from moss, algae and fungal growth.
HANDY-SEAL dries to a UV-resistant, matt natural finish. It will not alter the appearance or texture of the materials treated. HANDY-SEAL keeps moisture out while allowing the substrate to breathe.
HANDY-SEAL is suitable for all masonry, natural and manufactured stone.
HANDY-SEAL is easily applied using a brush, roller or spray-paint gun via a process of wet-on-wet. The first coat is succeeded by a second coat within 15 minutes. The treated surface should be protected from the moisture until it is dried to a matt finish. It is therefore not advisable to apply HANDY-SEAL if rain is imminent.


Colour :Colourless
Packing :05-litre
Coverage :3m² to 4m² per litre depending on surface porosity
For :All masonry, natural and manufactured stone.
Tools :Paint Brush, Paint Roller or Spray-Paint Gun
Note :Application on non absorbent materials may lead to the formation of white deposits over the surface of the material treated.